On July 15, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and Satya Nadella assumed leadership of the company. The stock split was a result of the new leadership’s desire to improve the company’s stock price and achieve greater shareholder value.

MSFT stock split occurred on November 3, 2018. The company’s stock split was a result of the company’s Board of Directors’ recommendation. The new stock split the company’s shares into two classes: common and preferred. The common class was still owned by the company and was used to purchase shares of the new company. The preferred class was owned by company directors and was used to receive dividends and other benefits from the company.

On July 15, 2018, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) announced a split of its common stock with a one-for-one swap of shares of each company. The move was designed to create more clarity about how Microsoft’s stock is structured and to reduce the potential for confusion about the company’s financial performance. The split occurred at a time when Microsoft’s share price was undervalued and the move was seen as a way to increase shareholder value.

In February 2017, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and LinkedIn Corporation (LNKD) announced a stock split, with the split happening on February 15th. The split was effective and applied to all shareholders of both companies. The split was a result of Microsoft’s desire to simplify its stock structure and to focus on its core businesses. The split resulted in a 0.50% decrease in Microsoft’s share price and a 0.25% decrease in LinkedIn’s share price.

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