Compare Your comparison list is empty. You also may know maximum screen resolution is X pixels. Not that we were surprised, but this isn’t a particularly robust piece of hardware. You are commenting using your WordPress. Since I am all about recycling and repurposing, I thought I would publish it here.

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Plastics seem decent quality, and there are grippy rubber feet on the base to stop it from sliding around the desk. In addition to the up and down and portrait or landscape adjustments, the joint where the screen arm meets the base also moves in a hinging action. It fits well my tight workspace — the corner of an island in my kitchen, taking up a mere 8 by 4 inch plot size.

I need to have both screen to show the same images.

Nanovision Mimo UM 7” USB Monitor Review | Advocate’s Studio

I have the screen km-710 on my computer to extend the screen left and right, so that I can seamlessly move my mouse left or right and access the secondary s on either side, enter text or hit a button and then return to work. I did not have access to a Mac running OSX to test mmimo how the drivers work on that system. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It also has chrome caps on the hinge on the base of the stand, right where the screen arm meets the base.


We also tried connecting the two screens via a powered USB hub, again with no problems.

Your report will help other customers to better judge about the products. Everything else is controlled from the tray app.

You can see final rates in the shopping cart. I keep it simple, with the highest resolution and best color settings and directions to extend the main screen left and right to the left and right Mimo monitors.

Nanovision MIMO UM-710 & UM-730 USB displays Review

Our one significant complaint was um-701 to be about the model line-up. Until I reopen the lid- then the screen settings get messed up.

The is u-710 non-offensive, has a nice overall appearance and should look good in any setup. Once the drivers were installed, an icon showing a little connected monitor appeared in the system tray. The monitor stand, however, has some heft to it — although the monitor itself probably won’t survive a fall off a high ledge, as long as it’s screwed to its base and placed on a steady surface it’s unlikely that anything beyond a direct hit is going to send it crashing to the floor.

Google’s Android file manager now supports USB drives. Quality was as respectable jimo most notebook webcams, certainly good enough for video chatting.

Samsung makes digital picture frames that can be connected ,imo a computer as mini monitors. Plugged in, the monitors show up in the usual Windows properties dialog, and can be adjusted as normal.

You can reinsert by turning the screen to portrait mode, reinserting the cable and returning it to landscape mode. Me lo voy a perdir ahora mismo.


Nanovision Mimo UM-710 hands-on and impressions

What is Martha talking about? In addition to 1GB of internal memory, the frames also have a memory card slot if you want to use them as immo digital photo frame. Because it is small it needs to be a very clear picture, and it most certainly is. Since our review samples were the original Korean models, Nanovision instead emailed us the driver installer. I have them plugged directly into the laptop, no hub. I understand that there are some compatibility problems with this monitor on older Apple computers, before the Intel chipsets were added.

When I close the lid of my laptop, all is well. Please login for creating product ratings. Once I added power to the hub, the problems disappeared. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Loss of settings occasionally happens to me, but not necessarily when I close the lid.

Read on for our brief impressions after spending a few days with the mini-display. How Do I Use It?