I really hope this helps someone that has one sitting around that would love to be using it right now. This procedure is for version 2 amps from AVS Somethings always been missing since I took the mfw’s out of service. I got the fedex tracking number. For each 3 dB increase in output it requires a doubling of power. ALL of the single amplifier orders shipped out late yesterday.

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MFW-15 Mk2 Amplifier

Also, Clickbait and Clickbait formatted titles No solicitation of services. This crossover can be adjusted all the way down to 30Hz when used with a stereo system. Like the red 5 o’clock line – that looks ideal because it has the highest dB, but maybe I am missing something. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. The custom-fit amplifier is manufactured for us by the same California based build house as our SubMersive amplifiers, SpeakerPower, and comes with a 3 year warranty while being serviceable long after that time.

For each 3 dB increase in output it requires a doubling of power. Ratings 4 1. Stop posting stuff like this Mark!


MFW Mk2 Amplifier – W amplifier upgrade/replacement – Seaton Sound Discussion Forum

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the mrw-15. I’m not sure why this happened and Danny thinks that clipping might have been occurring. Get our latest product reviews and AV stories emailed to you weekly Subscribe. I can hear the subs outside already.

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What’s new New posts Latest activity. Originally Posted by Herb. Last edited by Herb; at It will be a little different in performance and response, but will work fine and more reliably.

AV123 MFW-15 Driver Swap Out

What I haven’t found is a definitive guide of how to do the upgrade. You can either leave this cable in place or cut the connectors from one end and pull it through from the other side.

I don’t doubt these are good graphs, I just can’t put into words what they are meaning to me. I replaced D1 and C3 again and sure enough it works now! I am working on another sub project anyway and am only currently using 4 of the drivers in my living room.

We e-mail invoices hosted by PayPal. I would recommend using the line inputs or speaker inputs on the amp so that the shaping circuit is in effect it is bypassed with the LFE input.


AV MFW Driver Swap Out | Audioholics Home Theater Forums

Ft and have SA-1 amps in them. In theory you want a frequency response ‘curve’ to not have any curves or undulations bumps or dips at all, but instead be flat until you get around the point where the response starts to fade away. Use the ‘Report’ button to flag comments and posts not in line with redditquette or subreddit rules. After room correction has smoothed the response, you can adjust this in the clockwise direction to taste for more whallop and weight vs. Submit a new text post.

I really appreciate you sticking with this issue. Somethings always been missing since I took the mfw’s out of service. Thanks for all the great responses.

UWbadger91 46 minutes ago. Backorders are expected to ship the week of January 28th. Thanks again Mark your advice is much appreciated. BB code is On.