The list of processes contains all the processes running in the system. CPU idle is a generic framework for supporting software-controlled idle processor power management. If you have any questions or problems, please check the linux discussion forum. Switch hw checksumming to ethtool configurable. For example a network driver may try to allocate 4 pages to store data received from the network. Add authenc commit xts:

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Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: [PATCH] Add nForce MCP61 support to i2c-nforce2

This serves two purposes: This patch is a step to solve that problem and has the potential to allow to make SPARSMEM the default and even the only option for most systems commit 12345 Dynamic huge page pool resizing commit 112345 Use lockless radix-tree probe commit Memoryless nodes: Crashing soon a kernel near you This is a list of some of the patches being developed right now at the kernel community that will be part of future Linux releases.

Add support for Celeron 4xx commit 4. Architecture-specific changes x86 EFI boot support: There is no win modem support.

There are currently three working drivers for this new stack: Add sysfs alarm commit AC: Usually, there’s a global PID namespace for a whole Linux system: CPU idle is a generic framework for supporting software-controlled idle processor power management. Add aead crypto type commit aead: Improvements and some new features commit tdfxfb: Map volume and brightness events on thinkpads commit 4.


1. Short overview (for news sites, etc)

Cpufreq Allow ondemand and conservative cpufreq governors to be used as default commit Longhaul: LRO combines received tcp packets to a single larger tcp packet and passes them then to the network stack in order to increase performance throughput.

This feature frees the restriction that makedumpfile users should install a vmlinux file including the debugging information into each system commit quota: It has been decided to unify both architectures in the same directory again. Add sysfs interface commit SBS: For systems running a kernel for which there is no pre-built binary driver, the installer will need to build the driver.

Add support for version 2 of ioatdma device commit Remove obsolete lk driver commit 5. The chipset includes hardware support for IDE disk control, Ethernet networking, audio support, win modem support, and a USB controller.

Allocations are categorized by their ability to migrate.

In the future lots of those files will be unified and shared by both architectures, ex. Task Control Groups is the framework that is getting merged in 2.


Re: [PATCH] Add nForce MCP61 support to i2c-nforce2

This feature allows the kernel to disable timer interrupts for longer, variable periods, saving some power and improving performance, especially in virtual guests. Add support for latset RME revisions commit cmipci: PCI Error Recovery support commit 4.

Add support for custom screen resolution commit pm2fb: DM Kernsl uevent to core commit uevent generate events commit mpath: For example, it may be desirable to first provide fair CPU time to each user on the system and then to each task belonging to a user.

Static probing points apparently can also have some performance advantages. Add support for fan4 and fan5 commit coretemp: Comments Immutable Page Search: Add support for Mac Pro 2 x Quad-Core commit wd: Add recognition for new variant.