An extension of the Drop Tank concept in which not just the fuel is external to the starship, but also parts of the Jump Drive. Therefore, at a fission-powered Jump Drive requires at least three times the volume of the Jump Reactor part of the Jump Drive than is the case with a fusion-powered Jump Drive. Please refer to the following AAB library data for further information:. Although of little immediate practical use [unless the GM wanted to specify that there was something noteworthy detected in Jumpspace] the development of these types of sensors are the basis upon which later advances in Jump Drive technologies are built. This article has multiple issues.

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As for items of technology, graveller on how this works they might have the same functionality in each type of space, or the constraints of the laws of nature in each space might make their functionality very different in each realm. It is entirely possible for starships to be entirely dependent on drop tanks rather than on on-board Jump fuel tanks.

Traveller’s jump drive: Worst FTL ever? | SpaceBattles Forums

Fermi paradox Grandfather paradox Time travel. This article was copied or excerpted from the following copyrighted sources and used under license from Far Future Enterprises or by permission of the author. Those who do not discover the jump drive are condemned to snail-paced NAFAL movement between the stars. Jump-1for example, indicates the ability to travel 1 parsec.

MobiborosNov 18, For the data storage device, see USB flash drive. Long routes tolerating longer delivery times use the usual jump1, but additional tankage to permit crossing rifts or voids to other lucrative destinations.


At higher levels of technology, governments might wish to develop fission-powered starships, as they would be invisible to neutrino sensors. Named for the physicists that developed the equations needed for the drive to work. It was jumpcrive introduced as a method jumpdriive delivery for large amounts of data from deep space. Comics Magazines Novels Publishers Short stories. It is conjectured that higher Other-Space levels have tighter weaves.

Higher levels of technology also serve to make the Roughener more effective, so that activating a Jump drive within the affected region has a chance jjumpdrive Misjump more as if the starship were closer than 10 diameters of a large body, or even on its surface Privacy policy About Traveller Disclaimers. The era of modern physics dawned with the realization that there are more dimensions than these; modern cosmology places the number between at a minimum, depending upon the particular theory of spacetime employed.

There is a variable amount of time required between jumps to recharge the jumdprive for jumping. In larry Niven’s Known Space stories the Kzin use gravitic drives to colonise and conquer a decent tract of space. A side effect of this technology is the fact that, if a Jump-1 travelldr can be tuned and controlled to perform as a Jump drive, then no ship with this technology need ever carry anything other than a Jump-1 drive.

Traveller: Jump Drive Thoughts and Ideas

The maximum jump rating at the attainable tech level of the Third Imperium is six parsecs at J-6 and TL The special high-yield fusion power plant within the jump drive provides the energy required to enter jumpspace.

Same can be said of Warp Drive in Warhammer Note that Flatteners only affect the entry travellerr starships into Jumpspace. There are two other sources of energy sufficient to power the jump drive: Jump distances are calculated in parsecs 3. The technical details of the jump drive are never discussed, except that it allows spaceships to travel in another space-time continuum that cannot be explored and that only allows the transmission of simple data between ships of the same fleet.


Traveller’s jump drive: Worst FTL ever?

A normal Jump Drive inserts a bubble of normal space into Jumpspace though which it travels to its travellet. It is hypothesized that J-9 drives will be feasible in the near future. All starships in J-space appear alone and isolated.

Actually, I think that that effect is one of the neccessary and assumed side effects for the traveller grav drive yes, I’m talking about canon. Jump drives often require significant power and many universes require time to “re-energize” the jump drive after a jump, thereby limiting the frequency at which jumps can be executed. The uses of jump drives are limited to a few key points in a solar system and has a limited range.

Exit from Jump Space has a diameter constraint of a gravity well. Bio of a Space Tyrant series? Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. During jump transition, power is routed to specific portions of the hull as directed by the jump governor.