The MSFT stock split was a move by Microsoft to increase its shareholder value. The move was made on May 26, 2018, and the new split was 3/8 for common and 1/4 for preferred shares. The new split increased the number of shares outstanding by about 162 million shares.

On October 5, Microsoft announced that it would split its stock into two classes, Microsoft common stock and Microsoft preferred stock. The move was a response to the company’s financial struggles and the stock market’s recent slump. Microsoft’s stock price plummeted after the announcement and it was down over 20% by the end of the day. However, Microsoft’s stock price rebounded by the next day and finished the day up 1.8%. The stock split was a success, and Microsoft’s stock price remained high throughout the entire move.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a stock split. This is a major move for the company, as it will increase the number of shares available to shareholders. Microsoft also announced that it would be implementing a buyback program, which will purchase shares of its own stock. This move is likely to increase the company’s stock price.

Microsoft has just announced a stock split effective immediately. The company has announced a split of its common stock, with a new split of the company’s shares into two classes: Basic and Premium.

The Basic shares will now be worth $0.50 per share, while the Premium shares will now be worth $1.00 per share. This split will take effect on the first day of the new fiscal year. This move is a part of Microsoft’s effort to improve its stock price and to make it more accessible to investors. Microsoft is also hope to improve its financial stability and to reduce its debt.

It is important to note that this move does not mean that the company is going to go out of business. In fact, the new split will help improve the company’s financial stability and will reduce its debt. In addition, the split will also make it more accessible to investors, who will now have a better opportunity to buy Microsoft’s stock.

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