Need to get ink back in the jets with maintenance. My friend send me a New One Epson Workforce and its have a paper Jam problem and there is no paper because its New. How do I get rid of the message? So glad I found this and yes, a year after the post, the solution still works although I didn’t have to use force to move the white plastic post. I wasn’t able to find the post he talked about but it was obvious the problem was with the ink cartridges being stuck. Does anyone have a pic of where this post is the one that is supposed to be vertical??

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Epson Workforce 600 Color Inkjet Printer C363a

I could not see this when looking into the back or bottom of the printer. I had the same dreaded paper jam msg but no paper jam.

Thanks for your information. Well, I did not have success with the second solution from “eeagle” either. I had the same problem.

I can only say try pushing the ink carriage over to the right and power back up. My printer is not even a year old. I have a WF that stopped through the start up process and gave me the paper jam message. I did get one clog out but don’t want to continue with the second until I can put paper down.


Thanks over and over. Please sign in to comment. I found the little post, and it was leaning slightly forward. If you leave the scanner bed open while restarting, you can see the whole power-on process in action, both in its failure state when the carriage is blocking the white lever and in its normal state.

Lift the scanner bed so you can see the ink cartridge carriage. However, I was finally able to clear the problem by using a screw driver to jog one of the paper feed gears visible with the cover open, in the back right with the carriage moved to the left.

Such a simple solution after many attempts to remove paper from the printer that wasn’t even there. Help I had printer heads clogged so I removed the printer head to clean elson reconnected the cables and now my error is printer needs to be turned off then on. Does anyone have a pic of where this post is the one that is supposed to be vertical??

I thought I was going to have to call support and spend an hour on the phone. I tried my trick 25 times and it worked every time. Thank you so much.

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I had the exact same problem, did what 1 suggested, problem solved. I had a small wad of ink covered paper stuck behind the carriage. I hope this works for you. C363s year after your post, your solution to this problem is still saving some of us our sanity and our printer! Any ideas what it might look like and where it might be.


If you do not see the post, the ink cartridge carriage may be part epsno out and over the top of the post.

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The Above solution work like a charm! Thank you thank you thank you. After doing alllll that other stuff Thank you so much for posting! I was at my wits end trying to figure it out. I Googled the question and you came to my rescue!

Epson Workforce 600 won’t clear paper jam message

Just used your suggestion on my printer which happens to be an Epson WF There is a white post that is spring loaded- it stands vertically normally but can be pushed down easily make sure its UP!

I’m glad it is working for you all. I have epson XP and the damn thing has paper jam that i can’t find.