All brand or product names mentioned are properties of their respective companies. Other than the lack of ability to boot off connected drive it is pretty nice. I hoped that the backplane would seat far enough in to ensure a good connection. This leaves one lane PCIe 2. Now that I knew the card would work in Leopard, I faced the far tougher problem of cable management. You’ll have to purchase a Sata-eSata cable adapter in order to hook up an eSata enclosure.

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I was a little leery delocm it listed I am using a a external drive as a scratch disk but this is hardly an ideal situation.

All brand or product names mentioned are properties of their respective companies. Fortunately the card connector end has loose wire that could be easily folded over.

Delock Products Delock External enclosure SATA HDD > eSATA

They delivered to me in Australia! No WiFi now, but don’t really use it anyhow. The drive can be dismounted in the finder and after power down and power up again the drive remounts.

For instance a natively supported in Above is the interior of my Mini. May even use it as file server running Leopard Server – eaata the lack of a fast alternate boot drive is a bit of a handicap.


Though maxed out at 3Gb, it struggles with huge PhotoShop files especially when used in conjunction with Quark and Word. I used the following deloci I hope this guide was informative. Satisfied A nice thing about using ZFS is that I now don’t care about using cheap nonserver-grade disks.

I considered trimming off the sleeving but was discouraged by a number of small splices made to the ends of the cable covered in shrink tubing. If anyone knows of a natively supported card i. After installation you mzc to reboot. After watching these videos, it should be clear that installing a PCIe card in all Mac Pro models is simple. Once you’ve installed the card, you’ll immediately notice that the cables are not very flexible.

The German poster apparently had apparently revealed his discovery on another website’s forums and, surprising to me, it elicited few responses. Plus access to much larger HDs, at a lower deloci per GB than 2.

Delock 3.5 External enclosure SATA HDD > eSATA

Under XP the drive behaves like an internal drive. Also remember mad major OS X updates will remove the installed driver with a note in an incompatible software folder on the boot drive and require a driver reinstall or updated driver.

I took a gamble on this card from Amazon UK http: Sorry for the quality of the pictures but Mav was too lazy to employ proper lighting What it did selock with was pointing me towards a US webstore that stocked the card.


Reports below are from mini 1,1 and Mini 2,1 Mac Mini owners. For my initial ‘proof of concept’ testing, I simply folded it over and ran it under the drive cage.

Other reports here just used a Mini-PCIe card. This is why LittleBox looks rather messy and adhoc inside, as I’ve only just sat it there and used velcro on it’s base to keep it in place. Gaining access to a fast scratch disk was appealing as was the prospect of utilizing cheap and fast eSata maf firewire enclosures have traditionally been far more expensive.

That rules out the effect of other drives.

Most of my effort in this project was invested in figuring out what to do with the cables. This is the Commell card seated in the mini-PCIe slot.

See below for info. Using a USB