I got time today to redownload and test. Regardless I do not have a search engine named after me. It is likely the last Media Direct 3. Files are there, but the DVD cannot be boot into by any laptop. Press [Enter] to begin the installation:. As before if you boot again from the Mediadirect button it loads windows ok but when you log it in actually fires up Mediadirect in the windows environment.

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Power down your computer.

Media Direct partitions need to be setup before Windows 7 installation. What version of Media Direct did you use? I’d like to thank you in nedia for leaving any donations or clicking on the affiliate links. Then Windows 7 is installed on the largest partition with all the system drivers. Mefia [Enter] to begin the installation:. Please consider leaving a donation or clicking on the affiliate link if you are planning on buying Office or a SSD Upgrade for your system anyway.

Do not use Drive options or delete any partitions if you want Media Direct to function properly. Any help would be appreciated or it could be back to reading the voluminous tomes provided meedia Microsoft.


Press [1] recommended or [2] if you want a C: Obviously the mediadirect partition has no associated drive letter with it, could this be part of the problems.

Second time I expanded just the OS drive and left other partitions alone. If you have his DVD please create an.

First time I used clone hd and imaged whole drive. I have already done everything in your reply, starting with the mediaDirect partition etc etc and finishing off with the patches. It seems like other people have managed but there is no explanation as to how.

Preparing your Hard Drive: Setting Up Media Direct [A Small Subset of Dell Systems Only]

Once 7-zip is installed, simply right click the. For [1] the MediaDirect preinstallation setup will format the drive creating a 47 MB diagnostics partition and a 2 GB Media Direct partition assigning all remaining disk space to the C: That would be great! Thankyou for the tutorial Philip, I find it very helpful. If your system does not have Media Direct version 3 skip this step.

To support the running costs of this site, as well as the costs of test hardware needed to keep the guides driect to date. Oh now I see it.


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Gave me the right partitions but left 80GB unused. It is likely the last Media Direct 3. This is Dell MediaDirect 3.

diret When it comes to installing Windows 10 should I install into the System partition or delete 2 and let windows create its MB System and remaining Primary and install into that? You can try to install Windows 10 on the largest partition after setting up Media Direct but I have not tried this. It should look like the following:. Never done it but apparent there is a way here: Thanks for the reply.

Leave a Reply Direvt reply. Regardless I do not have a search engine named after me. Thanks I managed to download it and added it to the collection. Its honestly more hassle than its worth to setup however. Extract to the default location.