November 14, at Mosfet driver means you must create a driver to drive the main mosfet, like this:. This is a future improvement and is not a part of this little project, but it is recommended to add this if you want reliability. Anyone else made one? Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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555 Audio modulated flyback

Also try adjusting your Modlated until you get the best output, in my case I had to to put the electrodes close to each other to start the arc and then draw it out after. November 6, at Sign In Sign Up. Well theres one way to find out.

I used the flyback driver that Le Quack and Sigurthr helped me make. I run it slowly on the variable supply around 12V 3amps.

Alex, you are on the right track. December 25, at Could it be that is accidentally changend de nF and the 10 nF caps? I think the 12V 2A supply is just about minimum at maximum duty cycle, I could make pull down the supply at certain points.

May 22, at Essentially turning th whole coil on and off really modylated When you say the sound input modulates the pulse width, does it actually turn the arc on and off or just control the intensity? Perhaps you would keep this thread updated and with lot’s of nice photo’s!: Already have an account? I think your circuit demands more current from the David Gregory Kerr says: Only one extra component: Hey Josiah Its highest likely because the can not supply enough current to drive the MOSFET, so it is outputting all the current it can, thus it heats up.


Hi, after some modifications got it to work on my own aircoil. Umm, you should put a 1K resistor after or before the R1 9K variable resistor to avoid a shortcircuit if you put the resistor accidentally to 0 ohms… This modulatee because the pin 7 is grounded while the device is working.

Should it be completely silent?. A quick and very rewarding little project, its fun to play music without conventional speakers. That VTTC’s arc is very cool, never seen one like that before. Hiemal New member Sep 5, I got it to work with a 40V power supply and a separate 12v for the You then just feed an audio signal into the V side.

Hey Brandon Find a local store if you just want single pieces of electronics, but if you are getting into power electronics then it is not a bad idea to invest in a load of timers and some mosfets from hong kong ebayers, here is a seller that I have used a couple of times, good prices and service. What is the best DC power source to use for this circuit?


As this circuit has the timer supplied from the same source as the primary circuit you can not supply it with more than the maximum ratings for the specific timer type you use, look it up in the datasheet.

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The main point is, I want to know if its a simple as adding another mosfet inbetween the supply and the toroid heading to the center-tap, puting that mosfet in linear mode, and injecting a signal into the mosfet from my Ipod so the music would interrupt the supply.

July 21, at Atomicrox Well-known member Sep 3, April 9, at James Howells – Tou Tue sparkfishes says: I dont know if its the power supply im using. You have one of the driver’s power rail going through the 12V side of a relatively big transformer.