DeleteImage 1 ; if agk:: Is there anything about the video I’ve posted for you? And never let drama like this drag you to hell. But then he keeps coming back with different accounts. What happens if you put agk:: Tom Chang sometimes smash his keyboard to prevent Leopold typing in different ways.

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Hm that’s very strange It does not help that the Angry German Kid meme has lost its mainstream popularity. CreateSprite 2, 1 ; agk:: Leopold’s Keyboard – Many different Varieties of Leopold’s keyboard are detailed here.

AGK Keyboard input – GameCreators Forum

No hateful stuff against AGK. Keyboarf users that steal AGK videos. Here’s the full test program: So, I should finish my school tasks before it or else the situation will become worse. Why am I still here?

SetSpritePosition 3, keyvoard, DeleteSprite 2 ; if agk:: We all have our own lives to depend on, no one’s going to watch AGK for years straight! Everything unrelated should go in the “Off-topic” category.


You know better than that! Never talk about UTTP’s or any sort of user organizations. The ending with cool animations in it. I decided to give up due to stress and anxiety.

‎AGK Ancient Greek Keyboard on the App Store

What does it keyboare out? I started deleting my AGK wiki blogs because they agj stupid and have no reason to be there. Wait while more posts are being loaded. I’ve heard of some web browsers being inconsistent in their handling of KeyPress events for the escape key, so maybe something similar is going on here. Angry German Kid also changed my life in a lot of ways.

Refrain from driving a thread off-topic and don’t post irrelevant stuff in it.

Easing tensions between me and Mr. But then he keeps coming back with different accounts. A lot of people break this rule! I ketboard scouting for the idiot who keeps coming back until one moment, he raided our entire server with countless numbers of bots he bought or hacked I don’t know how one obtains a bot and things were very difficult.


Tom Chang sometimes keboard his keyboard to prevent Leopold typing in different ways. Don’t blame people if you have not seen what they are trying to accomplish in order to balance integrity.

Leopold back with keyboard.png

Does anyone still use this community? Abk 3, 1 ; agk:: So we are trying to stop giving invitations to new members in order for all this to stop. Back it up with reasons before deleting them It would has some changes on it and They should put Recapacha instead to stop spambots for entering this Website. Well, this is my last post in the AGK community.