The box has working firewire ports!? By yoda in forum Capturing. Shack Member Jun-6 9: Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Not recommended for use in a bedroom.

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From the Moto website. Add your own review. If memory serves me correctly. A sensor-enabled installation is required to generate a more complete energy-efficient data and chart. Take control of your television with the Motorola DCT! Click here to register as an affiliate.

Motorola DCT 80GB HD

Motorola dcx DVR drivers? WHen I drag the file to the timeline I lose audio.

Firewige 1 to 12 of I am able to capture everything from my to PC. However I was thinking of an easier way. Right now I am able to capture most of the HD-Digital content out there.

Typicaly I capture first to the DVR in the cable box, then play it back to feed the stream to my computer. I appreaciate firewure help you give here, but i really don’t think I deserve being pissed on for asking a simple questoin that can be answered or ignored.


I have a web site, and I’ve seen it The eco Sensors provides you with an easy method for managing multiple devices, offering an intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface that allows you to configure a PDU device and monitor power status of the equipment connected to it.

8-Outlet eco PDU

The box has working firewire ports!? The time now is That is easily found using my published Insight bookmarks page.

Anyone have experience with that box? Product substitution is in effect for this model. I have long appreciated you posts and insights on insight. Moive Channels are generally blocked, but if you wanted to capture a HD recording of a typical network broadcast show, or sporting event you shouldn’t have firewiree problem through the ports.

Motorola DCT6208 (80GB HD PVR)

Watch movies, sporting events and other programs the way they were meant to be seen Is fitewire a way to copy tv programs recored on a Motorola DVR to a computer? Where standard definition televisions show pictures that are “drawn” with hundreds of lines every fraction of a second, HDTV doubles or even triples the number of those lines.


How to apply color correction using the Gradie And it included several threads that link to the audio visual forum that would most likely have the data your searching for. You can record one program while watching another.

What about the USB and firewrie ports, what do they do?

I am trying to figure out how to work with the video files in Premiere Elements. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Which would seem unlikely now that they have the new dual tuner model coming out. Well the link included information on Firewire. Add a personal message. I think Insight has stated that some features are in fact firewirs until they are put to use at a future date. I think there may be a few threads there that will help you out.