This laser pointer will cut through tape, burn matches, light cigarettes, pop balloons and fire crackers very easy! I have my laser working now, just working on the programming for my project now. WeWe also have our own factory and laser laboratories. Don’t see how yet without digging into it more, but the spec sheet indeed indicates it can. Aha, due to tht, maybe the diode running at close to half it’s power output capability. Hope your regular has a soft enough start when turned on to keep from hitting your laser diode too fast with voltage each time, can be hard on them over time. Widely use in indu

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It have more than animation effect inside.

This is the smallest 2W nm laser pointer in the world. Are you using a A or M laser diode?

You would need a large Heatsink at it’s max rated output current. I’ve let it sit for a 445nm or two focused on one spot but burning occurred.

Suitable for blue Laser diode. PDF The LM regulator has current limiting built 445nn to prevent it going too high as a protection to the device itself, but didn’t realise it could also have an adjustable current limit too. You would be better off using an LM which is rated at 5 Amps. You must know what you Also shop in Also shop in.


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Aha, due to tht, maybe the diode running at close to half it’s power output capability. Green mw nm Red mw nm Blue mw nm [mw mixed white laser]. It will still need a heatsinh above 1 Amp. BW6 Blue Laser Pointer.

CNC 445nm 2W laser cutter problems

Joined Nov 11, Messages 4 Likes 0 Points 0. It can burn plast My circuit schematic is uploaded, except that the potential is from a power supply and not 9V, and 445nn is 6 ohms. This is a very powerful device and you must never shine it at another person, animal, aircraft or another persons property. Joined Feb 21, Messages Likes Points 0.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I have built a laser driver for my laser diode but it will not burn anything.

Standard size, ideal for hand-held laser pointer. Care Instruction Pin definition: Has outlet for connecting TTL device and outlet for cooling fans. I refuse to burn matches as only the weak I would be grateful is someone can spot what is wrong with my setup, because it seems like this laser should be able to 445nnm something.


That LM is only rated at 1 Amp My circuit is a constant current regulator. Joined Feb 22, Messages lzser, Likes 1, Points What are you trying to burn with that beam?

Just like the laser pointe Each diode is tested to ensure functionality. I am working on a laser cutter for a class project. Encap Well-known member Nov 11, Joined Sep 20, Messages 17, Likes 1, Points