Unfortunately there’s no readout for remaining DSP resources, but as a rough guide, you can only launch two Stereo Reverbs or two Stereo Delay s, or one of each, before they get greyed out as further options. I’m not sorry I bought it. For the price, I’d go with this in a heartbeat! I have an m. If not, send it back and try the other one. First thing to do when you add a channel in the interface, is add a level meter and gain control pot to the top. My guess is that there are a lot of “home studio” musicians like me who never need more than two inputs quite frankly I only need one but want quality and by quality I mean semi-pro to pro converters and mic pre’s at a reasonable cost.

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The sound of this interface is absolutely excellent. EMU is best for its price.

It may be time to recycle it–or donate it to a museum. No, the EMUs are about the same as everyone else’s in the price range – there pcid that much difference between the same class ie.


Just a heads-up….E-MU has released PCI Express versions of the 1616M ,1212M, and 0404

No, the doesn’t have the breakout box. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. But at that setting you can’t use a whole lot of resources. I thought I’d also share this I needed to upgrade my computer a few months back and found the intergrated soundcard to be lacking If pfie, send it back and try the other one.

Monkey23 – I can’t speak for the Onyx preamps The m can use external clock, or an internal one. This gives you an easy visual of where your sound is coming from, and where to place the blame for any clipping. It’s an ISA card.

Old55 Max Output Level: WaveScape Max Output Level: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I guess it’s time to recycle it.

It has the inputs on the back of the card itself, so it’s a little limited. Is there something wrong with it?

E-MU 1212M PCIe

Forums Posts Latest Posts. And, yes, the Digi stuff Fit and finish were impeccable. I also note that Windows7 is not mentioned At this price there are not many interfaces that offer even close to the value for money that the m PCIe offers. Should auld acquaintance be forgot–hey, who the hell are you guys?


E-MU Systems – M PCIe – PCIe Digital Audio System

Are the ADC’s okay in the ? So for a lot of home musicians Lynx and RME is waste of money. The sound is clean and I get no system errors ever. Rated 5 out of 5 by Jesse D from Great quality interface for the price! If you can get it and the Emu and only need the one preamp, that would seem to be a winner since the summit is a keeper.

It has a very balanced sound across the freq. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Computer audio bargain of the century!!! I just hope E-MU stays with us. Be the first to review this item.