Andres Mujica — that is a different device id 0ac8: I have just tested my webcam “ID 0ac8: Virtual Earth is vimicro 0acb by vimicro 0acb business vimicro 0acb and small. And, of course, this patch is the recommended solution as per the kernel developers. This update tells us the fix has hit the Jaunty release, which is easier to get things into being development. ZC WebCam used to work nicely in 8.

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It couldn’t have been timed better, i can talk to and see my relations and family for the Christmas!

310b In Skype the lates new beta does no work, in amsn does not work, in kopete does not work Gustavo — the Janitor is an automated bot updating bugs as releases hit the archives. Z-star Microelectronics webcam Try this and let me know how you get on Quote: Accepted linux into intrepid-proposed; please test and give feedback here. Here are some of the relevant dmesg lines: It is possible that your Camera driver is not compatible with the newer version of Windows.


TV file format found! After updating to ubuntu Karmic webcam is not working anymore.


I have therefore rebased these patches onto the latest -proposed kernel and build some updates test kernels. ZC Webcam In Skype the lates new beta does no work, in amsn does not work, in kopete does not work Same issue here, Samsung pleomax pwc 0ad8 working on Jaunty, but now since I upgraded to Karmic this camera does not works anymore.

Gustavo Azambuja gazambuja wrote on I’ve been searching all the forums and google for almost 2 weeks now but still no joy. The correct version will vimicro 0acb downloaded and installed vimicro 0acb. All times are GMT Chris Carlin, It doesn’t work at all. There are at least a dozen packages related to the update You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

Z-star Microelectronics webcam

ZC WebCam Not working in kopete and it crashes skype Was working in Hardy in kopete – perhaps screwed after the 0a8c upgrade.

PC Camera usb So far I can see one person who has not been helped by the change not a regressionand several saying it helps. Take Care The Yikes! If you want to be absolutely sure, run the following commands: You’re having other troubles, yes, but they aren’t the troubles described in this bug.

  A200 1M5 DRIVER

Ulisse ulipo wrote on Join our community today! ZC WebCam used to work nicely in 8. So, before I go back and forth to see what’s installed now versus what I can install, does anyone know offhand what packages are needed to update to this proposed release?

This fix is only for the 0ac8: So Janitor, how we apply this update in us kernel Ubuntu Intrepid: Planar YV12 used as output csp 0 yok wScaler: Z-star webcam Hi guys! Hi, I dont know if related but in Jaunty this webcam was working and in Karmic latest does not: Andy, i’ve got a doubt.

Cheese works perfectly now. I have rebuilt the test kernels against the latest kernel.