So I would assume inserts should go fine for strings less than bytes in size. To use the ColdFusion native driver for Oracle 8: See your Oracle administrator. This is case sensitive and must be upper case. Refer to System Requirements and Certification. No massaging or local processing is done on the statement, it is passed to the database server AS IS. The process of creating the database alias writes all of the database connection information to a configuration file called tnsnames.

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Edit the DriverManagerEncoding setting if necessary. You need to make sure you’ve got a recent JDK available, and if you’re running it on SampleApp, watch out for this odd problem that I had which was related to classpaths and manifested itself with the error java. It’s rather easy to do:. The Oracle driver has been enhanced to support the following new data integrity algorithms for Oracle 12c and higher: The Orcale configuration requires you to modify the essbase.

I copied the logical SQL to a file drill-test. Mreant fact that it is proprietary usually means that it is slightly faster, better integrated with Oracle and more feature rich. Otherwise, the original Oracle version will be loaded, resulting in an error. For the NetworkAddress provide the IP address or fully qualified host name and the port number. EXE program that comes with your ODBC driver to ensure that all your connections are properly configured and that you can connect to your data source.


See your Oracle administrator. So no smoking gun – but a couple of possible problems ruled out. You may experience this problem with the Oracle 7.

How To Poke Around OBIEE on Linux with strace (Working with Unsupported ODBC Sources in OBIEE 12c)

Conclusion Hindsight is a wonderful thing – at the end of an article like this it’s easy enough to wonder if strace and other tools were really necessary to get to the bottom of the issue. For the NetworkAddress use the IP address or fully qualified host name and the port number.

For example, to update the variable for the driver on Linux: Was it running but crashed?

Therefore any kind of issue oebc the request will always show as an “ODBC error”. Instead of manually running the query through Answers which triggers the problem, I moved this part of the diagnostics to the command line, with nqcmd.

Connecting to Oracle 7.3/8.0 Databases

Due to the variations between the datatypes and the sequence the messages are processed in, the error ldbc will vary. Producer Executing Query Repository Name: Running the Oracle Net8 Easy Config utility. Let’s branch out a bit. Refer to System Requirements and Certification.

  I830 I845 I852 I855 I865 14.1 0.3762 DRIVER

Specifying a default order by limit using any of the following methods returns a maximum of 2, rows for queries with an ORDER by clause. To use the ColdFusion native driver for Oracle 8: This will open the Data Source dialog box. Learn more in this case study about how they were able to use our ODBC Driver to provide out-of-the-box Oracle database connection. Wed Jan 02, 4: In some cases, connection problems can be solved by clearing your system of the Oracle 8 Client and reinstalling it.

Using strace which I’ve written about previously we can see every system call that OBIEE makes, letting us audit the files that it reads and libraries that it loads.

Reproducing the Crash on Demand With this kind of problem it’s often a case of working through lots of different configuration settings to obtain further diagnostic evidence – which requires reproducing the problem each time. Where do these paths come from? Statement preparation failed Processed: ODBC is a programming interface, not an implementation.

Some bits of interest from it:.