Move and insert a physical drive to a new position in the backplane. If no, go to Step 2. View and modify advanced controller properties. Disable Background Initialization Enable or disable background initialization. Select Image Select the file to be loaded.

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SuperMicro LSI SAS 3108 12gb/s 8-port RAID Controller Adapter 2gb Cache/ Battery

Check the supercapacitor properties. If the new hard drive does not contain data, it works as follows: Set the drive as a global hot spare drive. Protected Status of drive group data protection. Specify whether Access is supported.

During a consistency check, the system records the areas with data inconsistency and resolves the inconsistencies, but background initialization does not provide this 308.

LSI SAS RAID Controller Card

Open to view and manage RAID controller card properties. Install a new hard drive to replace the hot spare drive. Check the configuration result. Capacity of the drive group.


Default write caching policy. The controller remains in the Write Back mode when no capacitor exists or the capacitor fails. Impact on the System Services running on the server are interrupted. Striping is affected by the following factors: Uncheck All Deselect all hard drives.

After a new data drive is installed to replace the faulty one, data is copied from the hot spare drive to the new data drive. If the original RAID array is redundant but does not have a hot spare drive, data is automatically rebuilt to the new hard drive. The supercapacitor must be used with a trans flash module TFM.

Drive Cache Hard drive cache policy.

If the number of existing hard drives in the current environment is insufficient, delete an existing hot spare drive so that it restores to a common hard drive. When it detects an existing RAID configuration on a physical drive, a RAID controller card marks the physical drive as Foreignindicating that the drive is a foreign drive.


LSI MegaRAID SAS3 9361-8i Review

Power Save Setting Set the drive sleep mode To open: Specify whether the hard drive supports data protection. Enter a name and press Enter.

However, data may be lost if there is no protection mechanism against power failures. Virtual Drive Management Manage virtual drives. Manage the RAID controller.

The existing foreign configuration is displayed, as shown in Figure When a RAID 6 drive goes offline, write hole protection is supported. The virtual drive list is displayed. Version of the controller configuration. Specify whether bad block processing is supported. Initialization is not performed. Read Lsu Read policy of the virtual drive. Stop Consistency Check on Error.