If you enable the logging you will see the license text of the employed driver for setting up the connection in the log. You can also use any other PrintStream to make this output. If you want to get the generated keys after you executed a statement there are three ways to do this. A bug with the method DatabaseMetaData. It is possible to use the default implementation of the FailoverListener or to use your own implementation. These ports are public ports.

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For more flexibility it is also possible to manage the registered FailoverListener of a Connection in Java. This is important to create a new instance of this class via reflection.

Therefore, the driver needs to manipulate the statements.

The driver prints the messages to the default print streams e. However, with inet driver for Oracle, this still fails. This internally gets converted by the driver to a BigDecimal. Possible values are tcp and tcps. The driver will not throw an exception if the limit is reached. For more information view the Manual and the current Release Changes of the driver and the Sun documentation.


The bug that failover in conjunction with a DataSource didn’t work has been fixed. This can occur when: Can not set long field PersonDO.

BigDecimal values with more than the maximum of 42 numerics getting up rounded was corrected. The oradriveer Oracle errors produces SQL states as listed below: A bug with PreparedStatement.

This was only a performance problem. For example for usage of indexes. If you are evaluating our driver then you can request an unlimited connection trial version from our Customer Support.

Those Connection can be received from:. Sets the total time in seconds, in that the reconnection process must be finished. Fixed the method getGeneratedKeys after a call of Statement.

You only need to set either one of host1 or port1 Syntax: If you are done with the use of a cursor and the pool is full then the cursor is closed and not returned to oradeiver pool.

The oradrivsr is not in the classpath. The class name of the driver is: Before the value has always been 0.

MySupport – Micro Focus Software Support

The driver is completely coded in Java and therefore, it is platform independent and Oradriverr independent. A bug with Clob. If you set both, sid and service name, the service name will be used for connection. Please read this file and our FAQ at http: Disable PreparedStatement pooling You can disable the PreparedStatement pooling with a value of 2 for opencursors. If a parameter of an escape function was yet another escape orsdriver , then the following parameter used to be ignored.


Manual for the Oracle Server JDBC drivers

At the same time, the data from the data source had changed before the DataSet. These are 50 for Oracle 8. Various Exception were thrown because orxdriver String parameter nearly 32k were not streamed.

Connection failover inwt, the driver has a list of hosts to which he can connect. In general if you use a database connection over a long time you should check it before you use it.