Chance on melee and ranged critical strike to increase your attack power by for 10 sec. If you are kiting Flame Leviathan, your passenger should use the boost speed ability to get some distance ahead of Flame Leviathan. If they drop blue pyrite barrels the Demolisher driver should move close and the Demolisher Passenger should use their Grab Crate adility to pick them up. Every vehicle has a baseline health value as well as baseline damage values for its various abilities. Beyond this is a roughly square room clear of all obstacles which contains a group of mobs guarding a gate. Motorcycles, with their sidecars empty, can easily pick up former gunners and ferry them back to their Demolisher seat.

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There are 2 turrets in player mode, 4 in player. May the siege of Ulduar commence! The rest of Ulduar is not accessible until this boss is destroyed.

WoW Guide Online: Ulduar Boss Guides – Flame Leviathan

Embrace of the Leviathan. When your passenger and the raid is ready you should use Throw Passenger to get your man or woman on the back of the beast. Prior to pulling the boss, one player can preload xemolisher the demolisher gun, and a second player can man the gun.

Chopper Drivers should be using their Tar ability to slow down Flame Leviathan. Flame Leviathan also has a standard Heroic Ulduar Boss chance of dropping a runed orb, a crafting recipe, and a Fragment of Val’anyr.


It is your job to use Shield Generator when your vehicle is kiting him and he gets uncomfortably close. An indirect hit can dwmolisher as little as 5, damage, while a direct hit will do upwards of 20, damage.

Ulduar Boss Guides – Flame Leviathan

The stun will also reset the stacks of Gathering Speed. However he drops an extra Emblem of Conquest with each additional tower that is up. Take Out Those Turrets.

It has been reported that if somebody in the raid group pulls the Flame Leviathan while others are left behind the barrier, the boss may go through the barrier and be killed outside anywhere in the instance.


The fix may have been to prevent this glitch and to provide a soft reset for this boss should a vehicle be accidentally left behind the barrier.

I will exaplain more about them later on. Boots of Fiery Resolution.

If two damage dealers are enough to bring all turrets down fast enough, two choppers can be abandoned and two demolishers get a second gunner.

It can also demoliisher ignited to cause additional damage to Flame Leviathan. Demolisher Passenger – DPS.

Increases spell power by for 20 sec. The fight can be simplified by just using Pyrite, but depending on gear it may be neccessary to use Shutdown, and then demolishe rather complex choreography needs to take place. The basline stats of the vehicle are multiplied by a modifier which is obtained from the players gear. Each slot contributes to the total leviatham equally. Demolisher Tactics – Driver You should be keeping away from Flame Leviathan when he is chasing you, getting your passenger to use Increased Speed will help you do this.


The driver’s gear affects vehicle health and damage output from driver abilities.

Flame Leviathan | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

See the talk page. Leaving towers up for hard mode rewards progressively better loot. As you move along the Salvaged Siege Engines should take point. Motorcycles, with their sidecars empty, can easily pick up former gunners and ferry them back to their Demolisher seat. Back to top Drops The Hardmode loot is only dropped when there are 4 towers up.

Demolisher Drivers should aim and fire the passengers so that they land on top of Flame Leviathan. Only use the Pyrite Barrels on Flame Leviathan when he is overloaded. Halls of Stone 5 Halls of Lightning 5. You should be using Increased Speed to keep your vehicle ahead of the Leviathan when you are kiting.

A Demolisher can store enough pyrite for 10 fpame.