Anonymous April 29, at 1: Also, I didn’t really didn’t want to return back to configuration page since it’s such a hassle to connect to the management VLAN 1 port, lol. Hi Nadin, that sounds great! Retry the script run 2. Hello, I have a similar problem as Bart. I’ve also confirmed with a cable tester that both cables works good, but now I am getting different network ranges between the two NICs.

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Hi Gerald, if you do it right then they are preserved. Want to add to the discussion?

I am not able to use the powershell script. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site and the tools. Hello, I have a similar problem as Bart. Anonymous May 22, at 6: Thanks for the detailed steps.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had the dis pleasure of working with PowerConnect switches. Unknown February 1, at Only until it is available is possible to compile a new upgraded version of the driver.


Unknown July 7, at If you’re able to get to the CLI, can you show the running config? Can we install vendor supplied drivers into esxi as I’m told esxi is a modded 2.


So, at time, I’m doing an effort for find the rsxi code of this driver, or suggest to someone to recompile the driver using the last version of the Realtek source driver.

The switch doesn’t care, it will forward using whatever load 3fom you set on the switch and forward traffic coming from the vSwitch no matter which aggregate link the frame comes in on. Anonymous March 30, at 5: Hi Unknown, yes, the netr package will probably work for the NIC.

Now, here’s the problem: When you use LaGP to combine two physical ports into a single logical interface that is link aggregation and has nothing to do with trunking. Thanks for the answer.

The VMware vSwitch will never participate in Spanning-Tree since it is not a true switch and has no links that connect to other switches that could cause a layer 2 loop. Bart van Hooijdonk April 21, at 3: Andreas Peetz March 30, at 6: Unknown March 9, at I’ve eexi a fresh install as well as putting the cards in after a fresh install, nothing works. I’ve got a dual port intel EB Its form VMware Download Center.

But the fact that you are getting dropped traffic when you have both links up indicates to me that the VMware vSwitch is sending traffic on both links and your Dell is dropping that traffic on the second link due to Spanning Tree That would be my analysis if it was a Cisco switch.


Troubles with NIC Teaming in vSphere with a Dell PowerConnect : vmware

I suggest that you search on his blog: Now i’ve read the compatibility list from VMware, but then I’ve read other lists and posts on forums saying the cards actually do work people have had no issues with them. Andreas Peetz October 29, at Kiran Shrestha March 16, at 3: Kaspersky disable it and try again!

I want to clarify the trunk terminology first. Are you relying on some sort of proxy server for your Internet connection? Make sure that both the vSwitch and the 3fom -group are set to IP Hash and double check your switch configuration. It looks like there is no compatible version of PowerCLI installed!