I tend to like it, it does not make much noise and is rock solid. Sound cards , accessed August 6, The design of the board, which varied from model to model, could further exacerbate CQM’s inaccuracies. Sound on Sound November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

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ISA Creative Sound Card Ct Vibra 16c Sound Blaster 16 Sbprelude | eBay

Other than that, they’re basically the same card. Despite its shortcomings, it was much more faithful-sounding than the sample-synthesis simulation AudioPCI-based sound cards creativs. When you look at Creative card, it’s much of a mess with capacitors hanging here and there.

Anyway, my reason for this post is to ask whether anyone on this forum has had any experience with this particular card, and if it’s any different from an actual Creative Sound Blaster Vibra 16C. Sondius provided the software technology for Creative Labs to add some basic physical modelling sounds to their latest soundcard, for more realism and expressive playing.

Maybe provide some line recordings once you get it, and then get a comparison of the same samples being played through the normal Vibra?

As a result, this chip was generally ignored by the market. Sound Blaster 16 Junethe successor to the Sound Blaster Prointroduced bit digital audio sampling to the Sound Blaster line. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Has anyone had an opportunity to test this card before? And I like the board design. The Creative WaveSynth is a software based WaveTable Synth which provides additional voices for composition and playback.

Some models even lacked the Wave Blaster connector while other came equipped with the connector. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Retrieved December 19, Return to General Old Hardware. By setting an onboard jumper, the user could 16f between line-level output bypassing the on-board amplifier creativw amplified-output. One has a small chip on the rear of the board where there is a diagram for a crystal, the other version actually has a crystal there.

Sound Blaster 16

Some users have found that replacing the capacitors with fresh ones of the recommended values noticeably improved both amplified and line-level audio quality, in addition to restoring proper operation. Software needed to be written to leverage its unique abilities, yet the offered capabilities lacked compelling applications. The magazine instead recommended the “almost foolproof” Sound Blaster Pro or the original Sound Blaster.

The following model numbers were assigned to the Sound Blaster The IAC has a Wavetable connector. Sound cardsaccessed August 6, I’m sure everyone who bought a Gold card tried these out, and they were certainly significantly better than the equivalent wavetable sounds, but not exactly jaw-dropping, and a bit of a fiddle to use.


I am usually fascinated by soundcards, yet this discussion makes me yawn. Computer Gaming World in stated that “We were not impressed with the quality of the digital audio” of the Sound Blaster 16 or 16 ASP, reporting “pops and extra noise” and incomplete Sound Blaster compatibility.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster CT2960 Vibra 16c 1995 ISA Card

The one on the Asus, manufactured by STMicroelectronics, has support for a gain of 45dB, where freative the one on the Creative is only 20dB. Retrieved from ” https: Some variants support Plug and Play for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Views Read Edit View history.

The following model numbers creatibe assigned to the Sound Blaster 16 WavEffects: It gives out new possibilities to assume which one is better. As many Sound Blaster 16s are now well over 20 years old, many cards suffer from symptoms related to aging capacitors, ranging from muffled or distorted output to the cards failing to function properly.

Retrieved 26 March