Then get back on the client machine: Just want to share my pleasant experience. Reply Search Register Login. It only creates false hits in the search engines. I fixed this by using the SD card erase tool https:

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The netboot-ized kernel image and the floppy image are the same for a batch of identical machines. Change name, ether, and IP.

VScom S PCI in Linux

Thx for very good support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Checked the browser, no connection.

A second, lesser liux for looking at Linux is that Docker seems to be a little unstable on Windows Join Date Jan Beans 0. When chosing the target disk, consider that if it is identical to another disk that already has CFHT Linux installed, the rest of the procedure is a bit simpler.

This is all old stuff. I moved on to Lubuntu.

Linux PCs at CFHT

My Experience Installing and Using Linux on my Lenovo s I don’t know where exactly to post this, but I felt this was the correct place. Assuming the server is correctly configured see Notes on the server configurationthe client should now boot, and you can log in and prepare local disks and swap space next.


Hi Reggie, I fixed the problem. I’m only able to restore the CE6 image. I’d like to share my experience in successfully installing a flavour on my Lenovo Ideapad s. Boot Linux on a machine in such a way that the target disk is connected but is not being used so you can perform the next steps. The install-kernel script now takes care of this, for every kernel that we build.

However, I am aware of the hardware requirements need to for me to do my job, and of course the cost of that hardware. If you’ve connected a personal UPS to your computer, connect the serial cable that comes with the UPS to a port on your computer.

I configued success zImage cross compile for H How the etherboot image was generated: Net-booting configuration with Etherboot Floppy If you have a Next, instead of bpbatch we just need a netboot-ized version of the Linux kernel, which I generated as follows: Make the disk bootable by running “LILO” on it.

July 3rd, 7. When the power fails, your machine will automatically shut down when 15 minutes elapses, or when the battery gets down to its last drops of juice the UPS sends a signal to the computer when this happens, so whichever comes first In bios f2 on bootup: It only creates false hits in the search engines.


If you add limux brief post to the compatibility threadpossibly linking to this one, there is a better chance that people will find it. Here my Bios configuration: I obvious know of it but work has never taken me in that direction.

Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver

If you wish to buy this PC, I have instructions below to install Ubuntu on the machine. Join Date Oct Beans 2. They will all be SLC in the future. This step does not have to be done manually. Disabled – Secure Boot: This floppy needs lunux contain the correct driver for the ethernet card.